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Taiwan, Nantou, Sun Moon Lake

No. 18

Red Tea

2016, Summer

Grown by members of the Sun Moon Lake Antique Assam Tea Farmers Association. Every harvest the farmers reserve themselves the finest Assam and No. 18 (Ruby) Red teas. The reserved tea is stored for two years, then available for the members (farmers only) to buy. Our distinguished friend Master Li-zhen Chen who works closely with farmers and producers all over Taiwan and China was gracious enough to share some of her 2016 Ruby Red with us. Produced in spring, summer and fall, we present the most prized harvest: summer. We consider this tea a standard for the style. Very limited supply!

Marshmallow, cherry wood, unroasted nuts, and candy apple
Full body mouth feel, wonderful coating
Cooling sensation in mouth and throat

Gong fu: 4g/ ~150ml/ 90° Water/ Don't Rinse

  • 1st steep: 10s
  • 2nd steep: 25s
  • 3rd steep: 30s
  • 4th steep: 40s
  • 5th+ steep: 60s+