Wild Red 2018

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China, Yunnan, Gaoligongshan

Wild growing 600 year old Big Leaf (Gushu)


Red Tea (Pressed)
*Note: this Wild Red is tightly pressed into a brick, while the 2016 is pressed into a looser cake

2018, Spring

Every spring our friend and puer expert 小許 (xiǎo xǔ) travels all over Yunnan overseeing harvest and production for the year's gushu sheng puer. But when he has the chance, he also makes sure the harvest from the best gushu trees gets made into his favorite: red tea! It takes a few more days and a lot more effort, and so there is extra pay for the producers. The result is something truly unique. Young first flush spring leaves from high on the remote mountain Gaoligongshan, near the Myanmar border. The tea is pressed into 250g cakes perfect for aging.

Tart woodiness, dark chocolate, spice, gelatin, cooling menthol, full body, strong Qi. When we compare this (2018) tea with the 2016 version, the transformation is significant. Wild Red 2018 has more up-front "classic red tea" sweet/ tart flavors. In Wild Red 2016, they've been replaced with much stronger forest/ musk/ gushu complexity.

Gong fu: 6g/ 95° /~150ml
Discard Rinse
Start with 10s steeps