Single-tree Millennium Gushu 2018

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China, Yunnan, Ailaoshan

1000+ year old Big Leaf (Gushu)


Sheng (Raw) Puer

2018, Spring

Here at Spiritwood, our aim has always been to bring you tea from the world's happiest tea trees. We believe that nothing compares to the experience of drinking the tea of big, old growth trees. The taste is pure, but more importantly, nothing can soothe and rejuvenate the mind and body like real, wild gushu. This tea is our biggest inspiration, and if we could just share one tea with the world, this would be it.
The ancient tree this tea came from lives on the high, remote mountain Ailoashan. All of our single-tree puers are from different trees in the same area, and the tea from each tree has it's own unique taste. As with all of Mr. Xu's teas, the leaves are only harvested once a year, in spring.

We find the easiest way to generalize the characters of the different millennium trees is with the categories floral/ woody and light/ strong. This one is floral and light. We find all our single-tree puers to be much more mellow and less bitter than our other young shengs (Jingmai Jr/Sr). Being a young tea, the range of tastes on display from steep to steep are quite dynamic. Expect tartness, musk, fruit, smoke, and salinity.

Gong fu:
8g leaf /~150ml pot or gaiwan /boiling water
Start with 5-10s steeps