Dayuling Field ~ Winter

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Taiwan, Nantou County, Dayuling, 91k



Green oolong

2019, Winter

To many, there is nothing more perfect than a green oolong. Each step of oolong tea's unique processing plays a role in bringing out every last bit of tea essence. The sweet vibrancy of young leaves tantalizes the senses. The deep vegetal body makes a rich base for the higher aromas to play off of. Because green oolongs, more than any other oolong, lay bare the contents of the tea leaf, this tea is a celebration of getting every detail just right. Dayuling is Taiwan's highest elevation tea-growing mountain. As much as we wish it didn't, elevation matters. The green oolong traditionalists are right, and anyone can taste it: the classic pineapple sweetness, lack of bitterness and crystal clarity that makes your whole mouth taste Simply Oolong are dependent on elevation. The northeasterly orientation of the tea garden ensures that the cold north winds reach the trees, but not too directly. The trees are never sprayed with pesticides, something we regularly certify with on-site testing.
Our two Dayuling oolongs are at the same elevation (2400-2600m), but different areas of the mountain. Dayuling Field tea grows in traditional plantation rows next to the other Dayuling gardens, giving the tea a quintessential Taiwanese high mountain oolong character. The Dayuling Field plots are at mile markers 91k and 92k on Highway 8.
The Dayuling Forest tea was planted inside a pine grove (hidden above a spot where the mountain highway goes through a tunnel at mile marker 114k). Dayuling Forest tea has a character all its own. It is obvious that of all the oolong grown and sourced by the farmer, Mr. Lai, Dayuling Forest is his baby.

Water temperature: boiling

Teapot size Tea amount
Small (80ml) 4.5g
Medium (150ml)


Steep 1 2 3 4 5 6+
Time 50 25 25 40 60 90+


*All green oolongs come in vacuum sealed bags for maximum freshness. After opening, we recommend storing the bags in the refrigerator. Use a clip or rubber band and remove as much air as possible when resealing.