Traditional Dongding

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Taiwan, Chiayi County, Alishan



Dongding Oolong (Full roast)

2019, Winter

For roasted Taiwanese oolong, we keep coming back to our friend Mr. Ye. Grown with love on his personal Alishan field, this electric roasted tea is a classic Dongding through and through. At double the elevation of Lugu (home of the Dongding style), Alishan is usually home to green oolongs. The quality of the high mountain material shines through the traditional Dongding notes, resulting in the best of both worlds. For fans of roast oolong, this one is not to be missed.

First, if you have tried Mr. Ye's Dongyan Charcoal Roast oolong already, this tea is very different. This one is classic: exactly what you'd expect from a Competition Dongding. Very fruity with malty, caramel and pastry in the early steeps. Later steeps get medicinal and smokey with a stronger mouth buzz. This one has less minerality than the Dongyan Charcoal Roast.

Preparation: Gong Fu
4.5g/ ~80ml /Boiling water/ Rinse

  • 1st steep: 80s
  • 2nd steep: 50s
  • 3rd steep: 60s
  • 4th steep: 70s
  • 5th+ steep: 90s+